The 4 Best Ways to Record Your Screen on Windows

The 4 Best Ways to Record Your Screen on Windows

Khanan Grauer
Aug 9, 2023

There are two native ways to record your screen on Windows but they aren’t the best options if you want to look and sound your best.

The Xbox Game Bar tool has a recording feature but it only works for recording video games which is a niche use case.

The Snipping Tool on newer versions of Windows has built-in screen recording, but it doesn’t record sound and you have to upload the resulting file manually – what a pain!

There are significantly better options for recording your screen on a PC and we’ll cover them all here. If you want a sneak peak, the best option for recording presentations, walkthroughs, or employee feedback is Komodo.

Komodo is a tool to help improve your async communication across time zones with your colleagues. And unlike other options, Komodo offers truly unlimited recording and unlimited video storage on the free plan.

How to Record Screen on Windows With Third-Party Tools

Third-party screen recording tools offer a lot more options. Below, we talk about three tools that help record your screen—pick one based on your needs.

1. Komodo


Komodo is a Chrome plugin that enables you to record your screen and can automatically record your actions to make creating training walkthroughs painless.

Every free user on Komodo can record and store an unlimited amount videos – no more having to delete videos when you hit the 25 video limit on other platforms.

When you’re finished recording, Komodo creates a shareable link for the video that you can quickly send to a colleague.

Viewers can comment on videos to ask questions, share opinions, or even upload attachments to it like PDF files. Komodo sends email notifications each time your video receives a comment.

Komodo also provides detailed analytics to show you who viewed your video and when – useful if you’re sending a video to someone outside your organization and want to be sure they watched it.

Upgrading to a paid plan unlocks access to more interesting features like a custom domain, custom branding, and video embeds which will take your viewers entire experience to the next level.

To record videos using Komodo:

1. Install the Komodo Google Chrome plugin.

2. Click on the plugin icon once it’s installed. This will take you to the Komodo website.


3. Click the Record button at the top.

4. Click the Play button at the bottom left. The buttons might take a few seconds to appear.


5. Select a window or Chrome tab to record, or select the Entire screen option.

6. Click Share.


7. Provide the necessary permissions to start recording.


Click on the Stop button to stop recording. When you hit stop, Komodo will redirect you to the URL where it saved your video.

Komodo will prompt you to name the video.

When you’re done naming the video, you can copy the URL and share it with your colleagues or clients.

2. Loom


Loom is another popular screen recording app for businesses. However, Komodo is better than Loom due to the amount of limitations Loom puts on their free plan.

For example, you can’t record more than 25 videos or videos longer than five minutes on the Loom free plan. Komodo’s free plan has no such limits.

Here’s how you can use Loom to record your screen on Windows:

1. Install the Loom app on your Windows desktop.\

2. Launch the app and log into your account.

3. Select what you want to record (screen, camera, or both) and whether you want to record a specific window of the full screen.

4. Check the microphone settings.

5. Click on the Start recording button.


Click the Stop button from the panel that appears on the right of the screen. Loom will redirect you to the URL where it saved your video.

How to Record Screen on Windows With Built-In Screen Recorders

Here's how you can record your screen using the built-in Windows screen recorders:

3. How to Record Screen With Xbox Game Bar Tool

The Xbox Game Bar tool’s primary purpose is to record gameplay.

It also captures screen activity from other apps, except the desktop, File Explorer, and a handful of Windows apps.

But it’s not the best solution for businesses because it can only record one app at a time.

Here’s how you can record your screen using the Xbox Game Bar tool:

1. Search for the Xbox Game Bar in the Start menu and select the Best Match.


2. You’ll see a few widgets pop up on the screen. Focus on the Audio settings. That’s what’s important when recording a non-gaming video.

3. Once you’ve selected the right audio settings, click on the Record button (the button with a dot) in the Capture widget to start recording.


When you’re done recording, click the Stop button. Click the See my captures option to view the video recordings.

4. How to Record Your Windows Screen With the Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool can record your screen.

But just like the Xbox Game Bar app, it has limitations. For example, the Snipping Tool doesn’t capture audio.

Plus, screen recording with the Snipping Tool is only available on Windows 11 build number 222621.1344 or higher.

So before you try this method, check your Windows version by going into Settings > System > About and selecting Windows Specifications to see the OS build.


If you have the right version, here’s how you can record your screen using the Snipping Tool:

1. Search for the Snipping Tool in the Start menu and select the Best match.

2. Select the camcorder icon at the top.

3. Click the New button.\


4. Select the area of the screen you want to record.

5. Click on the Record button.


Press the Stop button (the red square) to stop recording and save it.

Built-In or Third-Party Tools for Recording Screen on Windows?

Apps like Xbox Game Bar and the Snipping Tool are great options for non-business use.

They come pre-installed on Windows. So you can just open the app and start recording. But these apps aren’t great for business use.

If you’re an IT executive recording a tutorial for a new developer on the team or the HR manager trying to share employee feedback, you need a tool like Komodo.

Record your screen. Send the shareable link. Communicate via comments.

That’s how simple Komodo makes recording your screen and communicating. Try Komodo for free today!

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