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Custom Landing Page Builder

Komodo's custom landing page builder is the perfect companion to add more detail to your screen recordings.

Elevate Your Screen Recordings

Our free screen recorder is the first of many products that are powered by Komodo's CaptureFusion technology. After recording your video, create a custom landing page to make sure your message hits home.
With Custom Pages you can add additional elements to your video page like:
Embedded forms
Additional Text
Additional Images
Social links
Embedded Code
And more ...

Add Your Komodo Videos

Embed videos you record or upload to Komodo.
Every Komodo user can record unlimited videos and you can add as many as you want to your Komodo pages, in any order you want.
Build a complete training document complete with videos and other embeddable objects.

Embed Anything

Our most requested feature: embed things like tweets, lead forms, and anything else you can think of.
Simply grab the embed code and paste it in.

Save up to 91% by switching from these tools to Komodo

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Text, Images and Attachments

Customize your text with markdown formatting to add headings, bold text, bullet points, and more.
Add images to support your video or include attachments like PDFs for viewers to download as a supplemental resource.

Custom Buttons

What happens when your viewer is done watching your video? Guide their next steps with custom buttons.
You control the text, color, and destination URL and we'll do the rest.
Except forcing your viewers to click. That's on them.

Page Analytics

You should know how people engage with your custom page, so we built analytics to help do exactly that.
Komodo counts the total amount of views your page gets, the amount of unique visitors, how often the video was played, and how long people watch for.