Think Loom is your only solution for async communication? Try Komodo instead.

Loom is great for quick video messages. But if you want a screen recorder that also creates tutorials, how-to guides, and custom pages, choose Komodo.
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Custom landing pages
  • AI-based tools

Komodo vs Loom

How do these video messaging tools compare?
Screen RecorderUnlimited videos (without time limits) with audio and videoLimited videos (with 5 minutes time limits) with audio and video
GuidesUnlimited steps
AI-Powered ToolsTranscript-based editor, summaries, chapters, and action itemsTranscript-based editor, summaries, and chapters
Page BuilderAllows fully customized pages with calls-to-action
BrandingSupports company colors, logos, and custom domainsSupports company colors and logos only
PricingFree plan includes unlimited videos; paid plans start at $7/monthFree plan includes 25 videos up to 5 minutes; paid plans start at $15/month

Why marketing, sales, product, and design teams prefer Komodo over Loom

Do more faster with AI-powered summary & editing tools

Komodo's transcript-based editing tool helps you eliminate retakes. Save even more time with AI-generated summaries, chapters, and action items.
Loom has a standard transcript editor, but AI tools are a premium add-on.
“I absolutely LOVE Komodo Decks. The editing with transcript has actually changed the way I record my how-to videos.” - Duy Nguyen

Answer FAQs once with automated step-by-step guides

Komodo captures on-screen workflows and turns them into how-to guides automatically. Record a guide with or without a video for added context.
Loom doesn't have a guides tool, so it's less ideal for tutorials and SOPs.
“We were able to replace Loom (saving cost) and Vimeo record (buggy) with Komodo Decks. We do our standard operating procedures with it, sometimes with the guide and sometimes without. Any time we do a new procedure, we fire it up and record as we go. It is also serving as a great replacement for email during technical troubleshooting.” - Consultant

Build sales and marketing collateral with landing pages

Komodo's custom landing pages can include videos, text, images, forms, and calls-to-action. Make any video more valuable and more actionable.
Loom doesn't have a page builder, as it's a video messaging tool only.
“I had been looking for a suitable replacement for Loom for quite some time, and now Komodo has arrived. It provides more features than Loom because it includes a guide feature.” - ankitsharma

you will too :)

Komodo Support

Live Chat
Need a hand as you record, edit, or share videos? Chat with Komodo directly from your dashboard, and our team will respond ASAP.
Komodo Community
Looking for a user guide so you can get the most out of the app? Get helpful resources and ask questions in the Komodo Community.

Komodo Plans

Number of users1 User1 User
Videos - You're not a “YouTuber” but you need to create videos for client work or as part of your job
Unlimited number of videos
Unlimited video length
Inline commenting and feedback
Analytics and Reports
Share Instantly
High Resolution in Full HD
AI-generated transcript
Edit video using transcript
Mobile recording
Video Embed
Upload videos to Komodo
Download videos from Komodo
Multiplayer Video Editing (Coming soon)
Generate Guides - Great for SOPs and explainer docs with videos (and so much better than messing with screenshots and copy/paste)
Unlimited number of guides
Number of steps per guide 10UnlimitedUnlimited
Page Builder - Add videos and other files to one page; share the whole landing page with a link
Create landing pages UnlimitedUnlimited
Remove Komodo Branding / White Labeling
Custom Domain
Custom branding colors
Add your logo
Privacy Controls
Blur out sensitive information
Password Protection
Link Expiration
Workspace Controls
Team workflow and collaboration
Assign roles and permissions
Team Folders
Team Guide Editing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Komodo FAQs

How many videos can I create with Komodo?

Every Komodo plan — even the free plan — includes unlimited videos with no time restrictions.

Can Komodo record my desktop?

Yes. The Komodo macOS app can record your desktop and webcam, including when you're offline. The Komodo Chrome extension can record your browser and webcam.

Do Komodo videos support feedback?

Yes. Komodo videos allow comments and annotations at specific timestamps.

Loom FAQs

How many videos can I create with Loom?

Loom's free plan limits you to 25 videos that can last up to 5 minutes each. With paid Loom plans, you can create unlimited videos with no time limits.

Can Loom record my desktop?

Yes. The Loom desktop app can record your desktop and webcam. The Loom Chrome extension can record your browser and webcam.

Do Loom videos support feedback?

Yes. Loom videos allow comments, emoji reactions, and video responses.

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