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Free Screen Recorder with Unlimited Recordings

Komodo is the only screen recording tool powered by CaptureFusion, enabling you to record and store unlimited videos 100% free.

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There's a lot of screen recorders out there...

But Komodo is different. We believe the future of communication starts with your browser. That's why we've built CaptureFusion, a technology that not only enables us to give away the best features of Komodo's screen recording tool for free, but to also power our upcoming video editor too.

Record Unlimited Videos (of unlimited length)

Every Komodo user can record unlimited videos. Full stop.
Other tools limit both the amount of recordings you can store and the duration of each video, but that didn't sit right with us.
So we designed Komodo from the ground up to support unlimited usage even for free accounts.


One of our most requested features, Guides automatically records step-by-step instructions while you're recording your screen.
Every action you take, like clicking on a button or link, is recorded and displayed in the final video.
You can record a guide with or without your video on to make standard operating procedures or for training videos for new folks on your team.
Any task that you are teaching or showing someone is a perfect time to use Guides.


What if videos.yourdomain.com showed a list of every video you recorded?
With Komodo you can do exactly that.
Setup your own subdomain so you can fully control the viewing experience for anyone who watches your videos.
The process is as simple as adding a DNS record to your domain and you're ready to go.

Custom Branding

You should be in control of how your video page looks.
Once you've added a custom domain, you can control the look and feel of your viewers Komodo experience.
Want to change the colors? Easy.
Upload your own logo? Consider it done.
Komodo gives you full control over the branding of your video pages.

What is CaptureFusion?

CaptureFusion powers everything behind Komodo. It starts with capturing: record and upload videos and step-by-step guides with Komodo's screen recorder. Then fuse your ideas together with our powerful video editor and the flexibility of Komodo's page builder.
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