1 video worth 1000 pictures

Komodo helps you collaborate faster and share your ideas with people without the need to type lots of text, and scheduling online meetings.

How it works

Step 1:

Record video

Record your screen, Cam and talk
about whatever you want

Step 2:

Share it

Once you finish your recording,
copy the link and share it

How Komodo can be used


Education for Teachers

Teachers prepare short video lessons on any subject


Master Your Presentation


Sales Enablement

Read customer testimonials

It is easy to use and probably the best thing I have seen of its like.

- High School Principal

Time-saving and cost-saving in preparing a lesson for both remedial and advanced classes

- High School Teacher

Great for pitching. Also great for pitching potential clients for marketing.

- Film Producer

Professionalism, through comment or feedback we can get the idea about our video or lecture. It's very useful.

- Lecturer

I work with individuals around the country and the Komodo App is the only solution I have found that is a convenient way of having those individuals record their narrations and send them to me and that produces high quality audio.

- Education Coordinator

I just love how simple the user interface is. I love how it works seamlessly with my Apple Pencil. Video conversion at the end is quick. I seriously love this app. I don’t like paying monthly fees but I would definitely want to purchase permanently

- Teacher

I am able to speak and show my presentation at the same time to our clientele, employees and investors. Much more effective than sending a traditional email with a deck attachment.


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