What Is Asynchronous Video Communication and Do You Need to Try It?

What Is Asynchronous Video Communication and Do You Need to Try It?

Khanan Grauer
Mar 19, 2023

The pandemic brought us much more than just trauma and anxiety - it also brought us remote work! The number of companies working remotely is higher than ever, so the biggest task now is to optimize your communication channels and make sure all the homebodies are in the loop with all the company news and operations.

But how can you do that without scheduling time-consuming meetings or crafting long emails? Easily - with asynchronous videos! Hold on, let us explain.

Breaking Down the Difference Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication

So, when it comes to communication, there are two main types: synchronous and asynchronous.

You know that infamous line ‘’Let’s hop on a call?’’ That’s synchronous communication for you! Synchronous communication is real-time, like video or phone calls, and it requires all participants to be present at the same time.

Synchronous communication:

  • Live video calls
  • Virtual meetings
  • Webinars

Asynchronous communication, on the other hand, doesn't require participants to be available at the same time, and it can happen whenever and wherever it's convenient. That's where asynchronous video comes in - it refers to video content that's pre-recorded and can be watched at any time.

Asynchronous communication:

  • Pre-recorded video content
  • Voicemails
  • Email and chat messages

Understanding Asynchronous Video Communication

Are you tired of endless video calls and feeling like you're constantly playing catch-up with your team? Then we have just the solution you need. Asynchronous video, also known as "async video," is a way of communicating that doesn't require all parties to be present at the same time.

So, how does it work? Essentially, asynchronous video allows you to record and send video messages to colleagues, team members, or clients at a time that suits you. You can record your screen, your face and your voice all at the same time! This lets you share a presentation with your colleagues while keeping that human touch. You can edit the video, trim it down or add voiceovers to make sure your message comes across the way you want.

After they watch it, your coworkers can leave comments or film their responses, keeping the communication alive and well, but also more concise and less time-consuming.

Scenarios Where Asynchronous Videos Are a Game Changer

Not sure how you can make the most of async videos in your day-to-day operations? Let us illustrate some scenarios where async communication will really shine:

  • Training and demo videos – Create video guides and tutorials that team members can access at their convenience. This can be especially helpful for onboarding new employees or teaching specific skills to team members in different time zones.
  • Meeting summaries – Recording meeting summaries can ensure everyone is on the same page, even if they couldn't attend the meeting in person. It's also a more engaging way to share information than a dry, text-based summary.
  • Webinars – With asynchronous videos, you can record and share webinars that team members or customers can access at their convenience. This can help you reach a wider audience and generate more leads for your business.
  • Global coordination – Coordinate with team members across the globe. Whether you're working on a joint project or need to share information with a remote team, asynchronous video can help you stay connected and productive.
  • Status updates – Share status updates with team members or stakeholders. It's a more engaging and efficient way to communicate than a text-based update.

The Top Benefits of Asynchronous Videos for Your Business

Time Saver: How Asynchronous Videos Save You Time

Asynchronous communication is an excellent tool for saving time in a busy work environment. Instead of scheduling a meeting or a call, asynchronous videos allow you to record your message and share it with others at their convenience.

This means that team members can watch the video when they have time, without having to rearrange their schedule and disrupt their workflow. Asynchronous videos also eliminate the need for lengthy follow-up emails or chats, allowing you to quickly communicate your message and move on to other tasks.

Say Goodbye to Video Call Fatigue

Video call fatigue is a real thing in the remote work era. Async videos offer a refreshing alternative to video calls, reducing the pressure and stress that can come with them.

With asynchronous videos, team members can watch your message at their own pace without feeling like they're missing out on important information. This can help reduce burnout and increase productivity in the long run. Plus, introverts will preserve their social battery for longer.

Reusable Videos Asset: Getting More Mileage Out of Your Content

Once you create a video, you can share it with multiple team members or customers without having to recreate it from scratch. This can save you time and effort in the long run, allowing you to get more mileage out of your content. Additionally, asynchronous videos can be easily repurposed for different audiences or purposes, making them a highly versatile tool for content creators.

On top of all that, they offer your coworkers the ability to rewatch the video to make sure they got all the important information. It can serve as a great point of reference or reminder on longer projects, as people can come back to it as often as they need.

Making Global Collaboration Easier

Remote work has allowed companies to hire people from all over the world and employees to travel the world with their laptop. But don’t all those different time zones disrupt communication? Well…not when you’re using the right modes of communication.

Asynchronous meetings make global collaboration much easier by allowing team members in different time zones to communicate effectively. With asynchronous videos, team members can record their messages and share them with others at their own convenience. This can help eliminate delays and misunderstandings, making global collaboration a more seamless process.

More Engaging Than Static Media

Asynchronous videos are more engaging than static media like text or images. They allow you to convey tone, body language, and emotion, making your message more personal and relatable. This can help you connect with your audience and convey your message more effectively, whether sharing a product demo or providing constructive feedback to a team member. It also lowers the chances of things getting lost in translation.

Clear, Concise, and Transparent Communication

Asynchronous videos offer clear, concise, and transparent communication. Because you can record your message and review it before sharing, you can ensure it is as clear and concise as possible. Additionally, asynchronous videos provide a transparent communication method, as everyone can view the same message and ensure they're on the same page. This can help reduce misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Choose the Best Platform for Async Video Communication

It’s not really a question of ‘’What’s better - synchronous or asynchronous communication?’’ It’s more about what works for your team in a given situation. If you want to improve your workflow, minimize the number of unnecessary online meetings but still keep everyone in the loop, you need to give async videos a shot.

With Komodo, you can film unlimited HD videos for your teammates or clients. You can edit your screencast in post-production, trim it down, add a new sound recording, use your system sounds and basically customize the video to your heart’s desires. So, sign up today to begin the journey of asynchronous video communication and watch your company thrive!

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