How to Provide Constructive Feedback with Komodo

How to Provide Constructive Feedback with Komodo

Khanan Grauer
Feb 12, 2023

In the world of "this meeting could’ve been an email", you don’t want to be known as the one coworker who schedules unnecessary meetings. But if an email doesn’t do it for you, we’ve got just what you need to convey your thoughts without hopping on a call. Ever heard of asynchronous communication? You can use Komodo to film your feedback quickly, easily, and for free.

Is screencasting the future of feedback? We think so. But how can you make the most of your screencast and make sure your feedback is useful and informative? Well, let us give you some tips – it’s not that hard. Sit back, relax, and let’s see how you can provide constructive feedback with Komodo.

What Is Constructive Feedback in Remote Work?

Does such a thing even exist?

While it can be slightly more challenging to give your employees or coworkers valuable feedback over the interweb, it’s not impossible. Sure, it’s easier to walk up to them in the office and have a face-to-face exchange, but don’t abandon hope if you’re working remotely. You can still deliver practical feedback – just in a slightly different form.

In emails and written messages, the tone and sentiment can get lost in translation. That’s why recording your feedback will hit the spot much better. By using async videos for providing feedback, you’re met with a variety of benefits:

  • Flexibility – Film feedback whenever, wherever and your coworker can listen to it at the first chance they get. This is perfect if you work in different time zones, for example.
  • Nuance – The tone of your feedback will be conveyed much better and more precisely. You can edit your video to illustrate your point better and even include captions or dub over your recordings.
  • Efficiency – Just hit "record", say what’s on your mind, and share the screen with your coworker to make your feedback more comprehensive. It’s quick and super easy.
  • Replayability – Hearing constructive feedback doesn’t have to be a one-and-done kind of thing. Your colleague can go back and replay the video as many times as needed to make sure they take everything into account and don’t forget any of your points.

With async video, you can make your feedback worthwhile, even in remote workspaces. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty and tell you how to make the most of your screencasts.

How to Construct the Ideal Feedback with Komodo

Make the Most of the Audiovisual Format

With Komodo’s screencast, you’re not only recording your screen. You have a screen recorder, camera and microphone all at the same time, so you can create a fully immersive video. Show your coworker examples of the best practices, film a tutorial, point out the things that need improvement or walk them through a step-by-step guide.

With Komodo’s screencast, you’re not only recording your screen. You have a screen recorder, camera and microphone all at the same time, so you can create a fully immersive video. Show your coworker examples of the best practices, film a tutorial, point out the things that need improvement or walk them through a step-by-step guide.

  • Of course, we offer customization options so you have control over what you’re recording. Whether you want to share your entire screen, one tab or one window, you can do it with Komodo.
  • Enable your camera to appear in the corner of your video. If your hair’s a mess and you don’t want to appear on camera, you can turn it off OR switch it with an avatar.
  • Blur out any confidential information that you don’t want to be saved in your recording.
  • Include system audio or talk over the video, whatever works for your specific needs.

Remember the Human Factor

When working from home and communicating predominantly in written form, it’s easy to forget that there’s a face behind the screen. But try not to forget. Write it on a post-it if needed.

Start off your video with a quick "hello, how are you", and try not to be too formal. Keep the tone conversational and friendly, just like you would in the office. Also, a smile goes a long way. Getting feedback, especially if negative, can be daunting, so try to put your corowker at ease by flashing those pearly whites.

If you’re giving your employee constructive criticism with Komodo and pointing out something they did wrong, try to also point out some of the things that they got right. This will lighten the mood and make them feel better about their work. Think of it as cushioning for the negative critique.

Stay on Topic

Video format does allow you more flexibility and freedom than an email, but don’t get carried away. If the video is too long and all over the place, the point will get lost and your listener will easily become very overwhelmed.

So, don’t stray away from the the topic. Make sure you have clear points that you want to get across and keep it direct and to the point. You might want to prepare talking points in advance and keep them handy while speaking – this will help you stay on topic.

But if you are ramble-prone, we’ve got you covered. You can always use some post-production editing to trim down the video and cut out any unnecessary or confusing parts.

Time to Edit

Made any mistakes? Rambled for too long? Not to worry, you can easily edit your video before sending the final cut to your coworker.

You can effortlessly fix all your mistakes and make the final product refined using our AI-based editing tools. Komodo's editing tools are user-friendly and instinctive, enabling you to craft a professional-looking video even if you’ve never edited a video in your life. With a plethora of editing options readily available, you can explore and experiment without the need for any supplementary tools.

Here are some of the editing options available when you’re recording an asynchronous video with Komodo:

  • Made some mistakes while talking? Re-record the audio and fix it right up.
  • Not happy with certain shots? Re-record the video!
  • Add captions to make sure nothing you said goes misunderstood.
  • Adjust audio levels.
  • Delete mistakes you made in the video with text highlights.
  • Talk over a previously recorded video.

Once you’ve cut out all the bits you don’t need and polished your video to the nines, it’s time to share it. Just copy the link and send it to your coworker. Or embed it to your everyday tools – Slack, Notion, Jira or Gmail.

It Doesn’t End There – There Might Be Some Feedback for You Too!

Once you’ve signed, sealed and delivered your feedback, you can’t just forget that it ever happened. What if your coworker has some questions? Komodo allows viewers to comment on videos and leave their feedback, allowing for efficient and simple communication between team members. So, keep an eye out for any comments and keep the conversation going until you’ve cleared it all up!

Deliver Constructive Feedback One Interactive Video at a Time

Productive feedback is what makes team members grow and evolve and ultimately makes operations run more smoothly and efficiently. And if you’re working remotely, that doesn’t have to be a hurdle anymore. With Komodo’s async videos, you can give constructive feedback easier than ever and keep the communication alive and well.

Whether you’re a startup, a medium business or an enterprise, you can improve communication channels between your in-the-office and out-of-office team members. All you have to do is sign up for Komodo and press record. You can create limitless HD videos and make knowledge and feedback sharing easier than ever. The sky is the limit – check out our free video guide creation feature and get started today!

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Khanan Grauer
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