The 5 Best Ways To Record Your Android Screen

The 5 Best Ways To Record Your Android Screen

Khanan Grauer
Aug 2, 2023

Modern Android phones, like Samsung, OnePlus, and Google Pixels have a built-in screen recorder but they have limited features.

Sure, you can record your screen, but you can’t change settings like bitrate, and device orientation, or easily upload your videos to the cloud.

If you want to record videos to provide feedback or initiate async communication with an co-worker, you need an app like Komodo that offers collaborative features like commenting and setting viewing permissions.

Here are all the ways you can record your screen on Android:

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1. Built-In Screen Recorder

The process for recording your Android screen using the built-in recorder is similar. However, the options and interface might differ.

1. Pull down the notification bar from the top of the screen.

2. lick on the Screen Recorder icon. If you don’t see the icon, use your phone’s search function to find the option. If you’re using stock Android OS 10 or earlier and can’t find the built-in screen recorder, you’ll have to use a third-party screen recorder.


3. Select the sound you want to record and whether you want to show taps and touches in the recorded video.

4. Click Start Recording.


You’ll see a countdown on the screen before the recording starts.

You’ll see a toolbar with options to draw on the screen, turn on your camera, and pause or stop the recording.


You can move the camera window around the screen and place it wherever you want.

Once you stop the recording, the recorder will store the video in your phone’s storage.

2. Google Play Games Recorder

The Google Play Games Recorder is designed to record gameplay. To use Google Play Games Recorder:

1. Launch Google Play Games (or install Google Play Games if you haven’t already) and select a game you want to play and record.

2. Tap on the Record button at the top.


3. Select a resolution.

4. Click the Launch button.


You’ll see an overlay button on the screen. Tapping it reveals three options.


The first one lets you turn your mic on or off. The second one lets you turn your front cam on or off. The third button is the start and stop button.

When you stop recording, the recorder saves the video in your phone’s storage.

Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps typically offer more options and collaborative features. Here are some third-party apps to consider:

3. Komodo

Komodo is tailor-made for businesses that want to use video technology to communicate and collaborate.

For example, Komodo focuses on helping you turn boring presentations into engaging videos.

Just import a PDF file into the app from your phone or a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive and start recording.

You can also use Komodo for any file that you can save as a PDF file (such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Keynote).

Once your video is ready, Komodo can create a private link or post it to your social media accounts. You can also store your videos under a custom domain, such as

Komodo helps you create guides too.

Suppose you’ve just purchased new software for the company and want to create a walkthrough video. You can record a video using Komodo with all on-screen actions recorded.

The best part? You can record unlimited videos with no time limit, even on the free plan.

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4. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is a free, third-party screen recorder with plenty of options.

To record your screen using the ADV Screen Recorder:

1. Install ADV Screen Recorder on your device.

2. Launch the app and click on the plus sign at the bottom right.


3. Provide the necessary permissions when prompted. Then, tap the Start now button.


4. You’ll see a button overlay. Tap on it and select the Record button to start recording.


Tapping on the button overlay also shows other options, including the option to pause or stop the recording, start the front cam, access the recorded videos, and draw on the screen.

When you’ve finished recording and want to get rid of the app button, hold-press the button and drag it over to the X sign at the bottom of the screen.

The settings section gives you plenty of options. You can change the screen resolution (the maximum is 1080p or the device’s resolution, whichever is higher), bitrate (maximum 15Mbps), frame rate (up to 60fps), and video orientation.

Just like the native Android recorder, ADV Screen Recorder lets you show screen touches while recording.

5. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a third-party, ad-supported video recorder. You can get rid of the ads by paying for the app. The app isn’t just a screen recorder, though. It also lets you take screenshots and start a live video.

To use the AZ Screen Recorder:

1. Download and install AZ Screen Recorder. Upon launching the app, you’ll see a quick summary of what all the buttons do. Tap OK to view the app’s home screen.


2. Tap on the Record button at the bottom of the app or tap on the overlay and then the Record button to start recording.


3. Tap the Start now button when prompted.


The toolbox includes various items. Activating these items (which include screenshot, camera, brush, and magic button) adds additional buttons to your screen.

The live video option lets you stream videos live on Facebook or YouTube.

The settings section lets you change video resolution (up to 4K on select devices), bitrate (up to 12Mbps), and frame rate (up to 120fps). You can change the device orientation and audio source as well.

Which is the Best Android Screen Recorder?

If you just want to record your screen and share the video with friends, all you need is a video recorder that records in good quality.

But resolution isn’t the only important thing when recording videos for employees or customers.

You need an agile recording app that can easily import documents, export videos, and create walkthroughs.

Komodo helps create high-quality videos. You can create walkthroughs, record presentations, or share feedback.

If you want to use async video communication in your business, give Komodo a try!

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